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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy statement covers the manner in which we use, store, and manage details of our customers. This statement covers the products being offered on our website and any other services we offer.

Personal Information

Your personal information such as names, email address, postal addresses, telephone numbers, etc are collected whenever you fill in order forms or subscribe to any of our services. Your data may be stored whenever you submit any of your information.

You can remain anonymous and browse our site without any registration

Please note that your information is only collected whenever you voluntarily submit your personal details. You are in total control of what you share and have the liberty to visit the site as many times as you like without registering. However this may limit your access to certain features or services.

Non-personal Information

Non personal information such as the type of browser, computer information, location and any other technical information is automatically collected.


In order to improve your experience on our site with every visit we use cookies. You can always opt out and refuse cookies however by doing so you will always be treated as a new visitor each time and we won’t be able to serve you with relevant services.

What Do We Do With Your Information?

  • The sole purpose of collecting user information is to enhance your experience on our site and serve you with the most effective and relevant services and support as per your needs.

  • User information on the whole is collected to analyze user behavior and improvise our site and services to serve you with better services.

  • We combine this collected data with your valuable feedback to improve our products/services.

  • The information you provide us help us to process transactions appropriately. Your information is safe with us and no part of your personal detail is shared with any other unauthorized party. 

  • Collective data from users can be used to present surveys reports, analysis or promotion.

  • This data can also be used to suggest relevant topics, products or any other services which might be of interest to other users.

  • Provided email addresses can also be used to promote our products or send users information which might benefit them such as product updates, tips and guides. Users can however opt out of this service.
  • We only interact with users through their provided email addresses. All inquiries are entertained through provided email addresses.

So How Safe Is Your Personas Information With Us?

We have devised a highly secure data collection and processing channel. Your personal information (names, contact numbers, email addresses, passwords and transactions) are safe on our servers and are far from reach of unauthorized personnel.

All sensitive data is transmitted and received over a secured SSL communication channel. This data flow channel is secured and encrypted.

Changes to Policy Statement

We reserve the right to change or cancel any of the above policy statement at any time without any prior notice. Any change to our internal privacy policy will be clearly stated in this policy statement. Therefore buyers/customers are urged to check this statement regularly to remain aware about any changes.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions/ Privacy Policy

By purchasing any of our products or availing any services you shall agreeing to our terms of conditions and privacy policy. You can contact us anytime should you need any assistance regarding our terms and conditions.